Video Library

Quite a few of the talks that I’ve given over the last few years have been virtual and have ended up on YouTube. There is now enough of a collection that I felt that a dedicated page would be a worthwhile addition to this site. 
The first section includes presentations on gardening, land care and native plants. 
The second section delves into the intersections between land care, relationship, social norms and equity.   

Planning Complex Native Plant Communities

Inspired by books, presentations and posts by people like Douglas Tallamy and Benjamin Vogt and by organizations like Blooming Boulevards, Moving for Monarchs, The Pollinator Partnership and many more, a lot of people have decided to grow more native plants to provide food and habitat for native species. Native plants are also often promoted as being low maintenance, but simply swapping out native species for garden cultivars doesn’t always work out well, for the plants or the gardens, and can often leave spaces in need of more care, rather than less. In this presentation I’ll go over some of the things that commonly go wrong when native plants are added to urban and suburban spaces, what we can do differently to avoid these issues and some tips and tools for planning a native plant community that will need less care, rather than more, over time. 


In addition to lots of my own pictures in the presentation, I've included these that I'd like to credit: 
From Landscaping to Land Care 
Nurturing native plant communities in urban spaces 
The Why and How of Ecological Garden Making 
Telling the Story of Ecological Gardening 
Native Plants for the Vegetable, Herb or Forest Garden 
Micro-Nursery Q&A 
The Principles of Land Care
Mowing and Foot Traffic Tolerant Native Species 
How to use the Vascular Plants of Canada Database (VASCAN) to look up whether a species is native to a particular province or territory 

Land Care, Relationship, Social Norms and Equity

land care and relationship and social norms and equity
SOUL Equity Series 
Working from Where We Are
Land and Relationship 
Weaving together issues of climate, food security, social equity, resilience and quality of life
SOUL Equity Series 
Cultural Values and How they Frame Horticultural Norms 
SOUL Equity Series 
Cultivating Diverse Communities