Growing Toward 2024

The micro nursery, which roughly doubled in size from 2022 to 2023, was a success last year, with as many plants as I could grow of quite a few species selling out as soon as they were offered. I’m currently working on tending the seedlings of a slightly expanded list of species that I'll be offering for 2024. 
The nursery has been moved from my Perth place to the Just Food Farm to allow me to be on-site at the farm more often and to move a lot of my nursery tending time to weekdays and away from the weekend. This has also allowed me to expand the quantities of plants significantly and to offer the more mature $5.00 size plants beginning in early summer. I’ll continue to offer the $1.50 plugs as well.
The sales will stay in the online store and I and will continue offer pickups in Vanier and in Blackburn hamlet (I may offer the occasional Kanata area pickup this year but it is still to be worked out).
Keeping the sales online gives me the most flexibility in my schedule and lets me spend most of my time working with the plants, which is a large part of how I keep the prices low.
You can find updates about the sale and the seedlings on the A Cultivated Art Facebook page. If you are working on planning a native plant garden, you can find a recording of a presentation I prepared that includes step-by-step instructions for planning a complex native plant community. You can watch the recording here

I’ll be adjusting the format for Learning Land Care for 2024, switching to a more flexible series of offerings based on the needs of the plants and various gardens at the Just Food Farm, as well as the weather, which was quite challenging through the 2023 season. 
If you are interested in participating in land care activities, please let me know via my Contact page and I’ll add you to the email list I'll be using to announce gatherings. You don’t need to commit to any particular dates of number of gatherings to be on the email list.

On the design front, I’m very happy that so many people are working on converting spaces to native plantings and I’m also happy to help with the planning process and learning curve. 
To maintain a healthy level of commitments and responsibilities, I’m limiting my design availability to the times of year that the seedlings and the gardens don’t require as much of my time and attention. I’ll make site visits each year in the fall and will complete the plans over the winter. I’ll be adding some example pricing and plan info to the design pages over the winter and can add your name to the fall 2024 design list if you think that what I offer is a good fit for what you need.