Growing Toward 2023

In 2023 I’ll have two main offerings: 

A six-month course to learn and practice the basics of cultivating a care-based relationship with land and plants. Starting in the spring of 2023, we’ll gather every 2 weeks, from May 4th  to October 5th, with a vacation break in August, for a total of 11 gatherings. 
The course will be offered this year at Just Food Farm at 2391 Pépin Ct in Blackburn Hamlet 
Daytime Option: Thursdays from 10:30am to 1:30pm 
Evening Option: Thursdays from 6:00pm until dusk 
Spring Plant Sale The refinements of process, tools and materials in my micro-nursery project continues and I will once again be holding a native plant seedling sale in the spring. The online store will open in mid May for pickups starting the last week of May. 
I’ll be seeding around 150 species and I expect that 100 to 120 of them will be available as plug-tray sized seedlings for the May sale. 
You can find more about the micro-nursery project on my blog and I’ll be opening the online store or pickup orders (I don’t ship) in early May. Between now and then, you can find updates about fall seeding, native plants and other topics related to caring for land and ecosystems on the A Cultivated Art Facebook page, where I’ll also post updates and baby plant photos as seeds begin to germinate in March or April.