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The plant store is now closed for the season.
I'll be winter sowing through the fall and early winter and potting up seedlings again come spring for the 2023 sale.

Cryptotaenia canadensis

Cryptotaenia canadensis

Canadian Honewort

  • Thrives in part shade, will tolerate full sun with lots of moisture and will grow in shadier settings but may not bloom as much
  • Average to rich soil
  • Grows 24" to 36" tall and forms a clump 12" to 18" wide
  • Grows well in garden and woodland settings.

This North American relative to Japanese Mitsuba shares their cousin’s edible nature, with the advantage of being reliably perennial in Ontario gardens.

Happiest in dappled shade with sufficient moisture, these would thrive at the edge of a woodland or on the east side of a building. They would be particularly happy near a downspout, especially if you were hoping for nice tender shoots and leaves to add to salads.

Airy umbels of white flowers appear in June, followed by edible seeds in the mid to late summer.

Growing to 24” to 36” tall and 12” to 18” wide, these aren’t prone to wandering and will only self seed lightly if left to their own devices. Easy to start from seed if you collect and care for them though.

The parent plants of these seedlings came from the Fletcher Wildlife Garden native plant sale a few year ago.