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  • This page will remain accessible as a library page until I have all the species moved to the new page and all the quirks worked out in the new software so it can function as a searchable library.
  • Please see the Using the Plant Library  page  for some tips on how to make the most of the information in this existing library to select species for creating a healthy native plant community suited to the conditions of your site.
If you are new to native plant gardening and would like to start with some species that adapt easily to conventional garden settings, these are my recommendations for where to begin. -Not being included on this list doesn't mean that a species is difficult to grow, just that they either require specific conditions that are not often found in conventional garden settings or that, if planted in a nice rich garden soil and offered consistent moisture, they may promptly overwhelm less enthusiastic neighbouring species.

Species that were not sown / aren't being sown for 2023 are marked with an * 
Species that are native to this continent, but not historically native to Ontario are marked with a ~ 
While it rarely comes up, I do reserve the right to limit plant quantities, mostly to help ensure that as many native plant gardens as possible become a reality