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Tephrosia virginiana, Virginia Goat's Rue 

Tephrosia virginiana

Virginia Goat's Rue 

  • Slightly dry to very dry sandy soils, including the sandy silt found on a lot of the Canadian Shield. i.e., Cottage Country soils
  • Full sun to light shade
  • 12” tall, 12” to 24” wide 
  • Early Summer Blooms
  • Ontario Native, Thriving in Dry Meadow and Open Woodland ecosystems, Nitrogen Fixing 

New to me, grown from seeds from Prairie Moon Nursery 

This relatively low growing member of the Legume family has very eye-catching blooms in the early summer. Doesn’t transplant well once established due to their deep, drought resistant root system.

Please check out the Prairie Moon listing at the link above for more details.

Photos by Eric Hunt, Chris Light, Ted Bodner and Fritzflohrreynolds via Wikimedia Commons

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