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Hydrophyllum virginianum, Virginia Waterleaf

Hydrophyllum virginianum 

Virginia Waterleaf

  • Average to high moisture soils 
  • Partial to full shade
  • 2’ Tall, 12” wide, spreading to form a patch if they are happy with their location 
  • Spring Blooms
  • Ontario native, thrives in Open Woodland and Forest ecosystems

I have had poor success when it comes to germination of this species in the past, but I’m giving it another try with seeds from Prairie Moon Nursery 

These are a woodland species, thriving in areas with consistently available moisture, where they can spread to form a dense patch.

Please check out the Prairie Moon listing at the link above for more details.

Photos by H. Zell, Salicyna Fritzflohrreynolds and Agnieszka Kwiecień via Wikimedia Commons

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