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Epilobium ciliatum, Northern Willowherb

Epilobium ciliatum

Northern Willowherb

  • Average to slightly rich, high moisture soils
  • Partial shade, -will grow in full sun in wet areas.
  • 24 to 48” tall, 12” to 24” wide 
  • Summer Blooming
  • Native to Ontario, Meadow, open woodland and high moisture ecosystems

This unassuming perennial is quick to appear after disturbance in partially shaded or damp areas. Their base leaves appear each spring in rosettes that can spread to form small patches. As the summer progresses, they shoot up with strong stems which bear clusters of tiny blooms that are later followed by seed pods that split open to release their dust fine seeds that float on the air with the help of their fine threads of silk. 

Trives in my gardens alongside Cardinal Flower, Great Blue Lobelia and Sensitive Fern.

Photos from my garden and by Randy A. Nonenmacher, Forest & Kim Starr, Randy A. Nonenmacher

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