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I'll be winter sowing through the fall and early winter and potting up seedlings again come spring for the 2023 sale.

Coreopsis lanceolata

Coreopsis lanceolata

Lance-leaved Tickseed or Lance-leaved Coreopsis

  • Full sun to light shade (prefers sun though) 
  • Average to dry soils. Not fond of soggy settings, very tolerant of dry settings
  • Grows 18" to 24" in height and 12" to 18" in width
  • Does well in garden settings and meadows, including in boulevard gardens.

Like Hairy Beardtongue, this is a native flower that you could totally sneak into the someone’s tidy garden and they wouldn’t even realize that it was one of those ‘weedy’ native plants.
Dark green foliage grows to around 12” tall and 12 to 18” wide, with the brightly coloured flowers being held roughly 18” to 24” above the ground.
There is a lull in for a couple of weeks in August, and then the next batch of buds opened and the blooming carried on right into the fall. 
These are happiest with 6 or more hours of sun each day and seem very content in average garden soil and average to dry conditions. If you don’t happen to have a tidy garden to sneak these into, they are also perfectly happy in low meadows and gloriously untidy gardens.

Grown from seeds gathered from plants that were gifted to me.