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Veronicastrum virginicum, Culver's root

Veronicastrum virginicum

Culver's root

  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Average to high moisture soils
  • 36” to 60” tall, 12” to 30” wide (larger in higher moisture settings)
  • Summer Blooms
  • Ontario Native, Beginner Friendly, thrives in meadow settings and open woodlands.

A very tall, architectural species that are just beginning to come into their own in the Perth garden, this is a plant that fits equally well into conventional perennial borders and into gardens that center the support of native ecology.

Tall and narrow, they stretch to 5 or more feet in height, with a spread of 1’ to 2’. The Perth gardens are a bit on the dry side for them, given their preference of moist meadow settings, but they are getting by in a dappled shade setting. I was able to gather seed this year so I’m hoping to have some babies to add to the wetter meadow conditions in the hydro cut to see if they are happier there, despite having to get by without any further assistance from me after planting.

With sufficient moisture, they will thrive in full sun. If your site is on the drier side, a bit of dappled shade would likely be their preference.

For neighbours, Giant Purple Hyssop and Anise Hyssop, Grey Headed Coneflower and Flat-Topped White Aster would be good companions in a dryer setting. In a wetter area, Joe-Pye Weed, Giant Goldenrod, Swamp Rose-mallow, Great Blue Lobelia and Cardinal Flower would be lovely.

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