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Polanisia dodecandra, Clammy Weed

Polanisia dodecandra

Clammy Weed

  • Annual 
  • Full Sun
  • Thrives in dry soils
  • Grows 2’ or more in height and width
  • Summer blooming
  • Native to Ontario, thrives in dry, sunny conditions and low fertility soils

New to me this year, grown from seeds from Prairie Moon Nursery 

This is a bushy annual species that, to my eye, bears a strong resemblance to Cleome, the showy annual species also known as Spider flower. Which isn’t surprising when I check their family tree, which places them in the same tribe as that, also native to this continent, species.

While they naturally thrive in open, dry locations, I’ll also try growing a few of these in containers this year, in my ongoing project of finding how well a range of native annual species adapt to container conditions.

Please check out the Prairie Moon listing at the link above for more details.

Photo by Jim Pisarowicz, Krzysztof Ziarnek and JerryFriedman via Wikimedia Commons

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