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I'll be winter sowing through the fall and early winter and potting up seedlings again come spring for the 2023 sale.

Liatris Cylindracea

-Sold out for 2022-

Liatris Cylindracea

Slender Blazing Star 

  • Full Sun
  • Average to dry soil
  • 18" to 24" tall, 6" to 10" wide
  • Garden and dry meadow settings

A new addition to the Perth meadow, these arrived rather rootbound and fairly mature last spring. Given the fact that they started last year in a greenhouse a bit south west of Burlington Ontario, I’m not sure if their bloom season will fall at the same time next summer but, whenever it falls, I suspect that it will once again span a few weeks, with flowering starting at the very top and slowly moving down the stem.

Most online references describe this species as growing to between 8” and 12” tall but the flowering stems of these individuals were more like 18” to 24” in height. I’ll be interested to see what growth pattern they follow as they settle into their space.

Definitely a species for hot, sunny locations these are perfect for dry meadow settings and are generally described as preferring sandy and / or well drained soil.

These were enjoyed by pollinators through their blooming season, resulting in some lovely photo opportunities.

Seed viability can be marginal, with a lot of the seeds not fully developing, despite plenty of pollination, but I think that enough of the ones I gathered will germinate that I’ll be able to add more to the meadow next spring and offer some for the plant sale in May.