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Hibiscus moscheutos, Swamp Rose-mallow

Hibiscus moscheutos 

Swamp Rose-mallow

  • Full Sun
  • Average to high moisture settings, including shorelines
  • In dryer settings their height is around 4', in wet areas they can grow to over 8' tall. Spread of 30" to 48" from a single crown.
  • Summer Blooms
  • Gardens, rain gardens, wet meadows and shorelines.

Hibiscus isn’t a species that comes immediately to mind for many people when thinking of native Ontario perennials, but this lovely plant does perfectly well in out less-than-tropical climate.

Their stems die to the ground each winter, growing back to around 5’ tall in an average moisture location and would definitely be taller in a location with more moisture, likely up to 7’.

A full sun species that enjoys some extra moisture, I’d recommend planting these near downspouts or drainage swales where they can enjoy the rain water. They would likely thrive with other moisture loving species, such as Lobelias, Joe Pye Weed, Boneset and Rough Goldenrod 

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