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Eurybia divaricata, White Wood Aster

Eurybia divaricata

White Wood Aster

  • Average to moderately dry soils
  • Part shade
  • 24” tall, 18” to 30” wide
  • Fall Blooms
  • Ontario Native, Thrives in Woodlands and urban garden conditions

Thriving in partial shade and not stressed by dry summer conditions, this is an Aster that fits very well into a lot of urban garden settings. They have a long blooming season, with the photos here taken from August 18th to September 21st, all of the same small patch of plants. Like most Asters, these are quite attractive to pollinators and their late blooming season helps to ensure that there is food available for fall.

Highly recommended for partially shaded spaces.

Photos from August 18th to September 21st, all of the same small patch of plants.

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