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Chelone glabra, White Turtlehead

Chelone glabra

White Turtlehead

  • Moderately to very wet soils. Will adapt to garden soils but not drought tolerant 
  • Full Sun
  • 36” to 60” tall, 24” to 36” wide
  • Mid to Late Summer Blooms
  • Ontario Native, Thrives in wetlands and high moisture meadow settings. Will adapt to garden settings but is not drought tolerant

At their best where they receive consistent moisture, these showy plants have, none-the-less limped by in my dry gardens for the last few years. In dryer areas they tend to grow to only a couple of feet in height and have a shortened bloom season. In their preferred setting, they can stretch quite tall and have a blooming season that extends for a few weeks. I’d suggest planting them alongside Pink Swamp Milkweed, Great Blue Lobelia and Cardinal Flower, among other moisture loving companions for a very showy buffet for pollen and nectar feeding species.

Species that were not sown / aren't being sown for 2023 are marked with an * 
Species that are native to this continent, but not historically native to Ontario are marked with a ~ 
While it rarely comes up, I do reserve the right to limit plant quantities, mostly to help ensure that as many native plant gardens as possible become a reality