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Camassia scilloides, Eastern Camas

Camassia scilloides 

Eastern Camas

  • Average to moderately dry or moderately moist soils
  • Full sun to light shade
  • 24” tall, 6” to 8” spread
  • Spring blooming bulb -Goes dormant in the summer
  • Native to Ontario, easy once established, open meadow and woodland margins

Having successfully cared for a batch of these last summer, I sowed another packet of seeds last fall in the hope of being able to offer them in this spring’s sale. While slow to establish from seed, they did form tiny bulbs before going dormant last summer and, since they are not an easy species to source as a bulb, I thought that other, also patient, gardeners might like to add these to the ecosystems in your care.

Please check out the Prairie Moon listing for more details. 

Photos by Fan of Zhirkov, Great Lakes Image Collection and Jay Sturner Via Wikimedia Commons

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