The Plant Store is now closed for 2023 and will re-open for sales in May of 2024

  • Please see the Using the Plant Library  page  for some tips on how to make the most of the information here to select species for creating a healthy native plant community suited to the conditions of your site.
Annual and Biennial species native to Turtle Island (North America) -Some of these species have both the capacity to mature and bloom in a single growing season, in an annual lifecycle, and to grow as biennials, developing a leafy rosette the first year and then blooming the following year. Please see individual species descriptions for more details.

Species that were not sown / aren't being sown for 2023 are marked with an * 
Species that are native to this continent, but not historically native to Ontario are marked with a ~ 
While it rarely comes up, I do reserve the right to limit plant quantities, mostly to help ensure that as many native plant gardens as possible become a reality