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Anemone parviflora, Small-flowered Anemone

Anemone parviflora

Small-flowered Anemone

  • Consistently moist areas, including gravely streambanks
  • Full sun
  • 6 to 10” tall, 6” to 8” spread
  • Early summer blooming, with sporadic reblooming
  • Native to Ontario, open meadow and rock garden settings

This small Anemone is a new introduction to the spaces I tend, grown from seeds from the Ottawa Wildflower Seed Library.

Described as a sub-arctic or alpine species and as having a preference for area with consistently available moisture, such as stream banks by the Missouri Botanical Garden, I suspect that these would co-exist well with Campanula rotundifolia and other small, clumping species that prefer not to be crowded by rambunctious neighbours. 

You can find more photos in their Missouri Botanical Garden profile

Photo from Wikimedia Commons 

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