Euphorbia corollata, Flowering Spurge

Euphorbia corollata

Flowering Spurge

  • Average to very dry soils
  • Full sun
  • 36" tall, 12” to 18” wide
  • Summer blooms
  • Native to Ontario, Beginner friendly, Meadow to dry meadow ecosystems

New to me this year, grown from seeds from Prairie Moon Nursery 

Long blooming, with visually distinctive, rubbery foliage and a very high degree of drought tolerance. Their blooms attract a wide range of pollinators and their seeds are a food source for quite a few bird species.

Please check out the Prairie Moon listing at the link above for more details.

Photos by Fritzflohrreynolds, Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz and peganum from Henfield via Wikimedia Commons 

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