Planting your fall seedlings

  • Now that you have picked them up, it is important to plant your new seedlings immediately.  
  • Plant at the same depth as they have been growing, not deeper.  
  • A light layer of mulch is recommended if these are going into a bed, to help keep the soil more evenly moist and to minimize the chance of frost heaving. 
  • Water well at planting time and be sure to check them every day or two for the next couple of weeks.  If watered well, they will likely need water once or twice each week, adjusting for rainfalls. Once the temperatures are dropping to the single digits over night and only rising into the teens during the day, regular watering likely won’t be needed. Do still check them a couple of times each week though.
  • Once established in their permanent home, they will be fine without much additional care. I recommend chop and drop mulching (cutting up stems and leaves that are still standing in the spring and leaving the resulting mulch right in the garden) and watering during very dry spells. Otherwise, these are all plants that do pretty well without a lot of human assistance once they are established.