Nurturing Native Plant Communities

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A companion post for my presentation as part of the Senior Organic Gardeners 2022 Garden Symposium

Some additional resources that may be helpful include:

The Native Plant Library

A compilation of the 90 Ontario native plant species that I profiled on Facebook over this past winter. Includes photos and short essays about the plants.

The Plant Store I’m in the process of adding may more species to the online listings for my spring plant sale. I’ve added several categories to the site, including ecosystem type, so I’m hoping the page can be in an information resource even through the 10 months of the year that I’m not offering seedlings.

Prairie Moon Nursery A wonderful website of plants native to Turtle Island (AKA North America). Slightly dangerous because they sell the seeds and my cart keeps ending up with things in it.

The Ottawa Wildflower Seed Library an amazing project by local volunteers, gathering, packaging and distributing native plant seeds for free.

Fletcher Wildlife Garden – Not all the plants in the garden are native species but all the plants in their spring sale are.

Ecological Garden Making – Soil is also part of the ecosystem, how we create our gardens can have a big impact on ecosystem health.

Land Care Principals – guidelines for cultivating a relationship of care with our local ecosystems.

Please click on the image below to open a PDF of the plants that were included in my presentation.