The Process

In some way the process has already begun. You are researching the possibilities and looking for a designer who can provide the services you need and who's style and values are a good fit for your own. If you decide that you like what you have seen here the next step is to contact me. We’ll have a conversation and I’ll make sure that the services I can provide are a good fit for your needs.

The First Meeting

I come to see you at your home or, if you have another property in mind, I’ll meet you there. We take a walk through the space and we discuss the possibilities, what you want to keep, change or create and how you would like to use the space. I offer advice about the practicalities, the possibilities and point out potential opportunities. This meeting can be a stand alone consultation or it can become the start of the design process. If you do decide to go with a complete design then I measure and photograph the site at the end of this meeting.

The Design Phase

The planning phase can be an amorphous process, it generally involves much scribbling and jotting of notes, rearranging of spaces and testing and discarding ideas and arrangements until a functional and beautiful association of spaces and activities emerges.

Once a design is developed I present it as rendered 3D model and a coloured plan which expresses all of the significant features. Depending on the project this is often accompanied by samples of proposed materials and pictures of recommended plants.

After the details are decided on I complete the design drawings is the form of a schematic plan and present them to you. If you already have a contractor selected or you are planning on implementing the project yourself this may be all that you need to move forward.

Making it a Reality

If you prefer to continue working together through the construction phase I can recommend contractors and suppliers and can act as your adviser or representative in soliciting quotations and interviewing contractors.

Once a contractor is selected the final budget for your project can be defined and any detail plans required for construction and building permit applications can be produced and submitted for approval.

During the construction phase I can coordinate suppliers, contractors and installers to keep things moving smoothly. I can select feature materials and plants and handle the little details that pull every project together.

Finishing Touches

Once everything is completed, the construction finished and tidied up, the plants in place and the gardens mulched I can help select furniture, planers and sculptures.

As your garden matures I can provide maintenance consultations, pruning lessons and seasonal planter design.


50 Ideals
for Sustainable Landscapes

#5 Use Less – More Efficiently
The lowest impact material is the one that isn't produced in the first place. Careful planing of your space can help ensure that you only include what is needed. This can help reduce environmental impact and project cost at the same time.
A well thought out plan, built around how the space needs to function, can help ensure that you have just enough - be it a deck, patio, parking, or something else - and not more than you really need.


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