The Possibilities

To reconnect with nature. To enjoy your time outdoors.

A beautiful landscape can make coming home each day that much more enjoyable. It can transform an underused yard into an extension to your living space and can enrich your downtime.

Outdoor 'living spaces' and 'outdoor rooms' have been buzz words for years now, they are the result of our changing relationship with our ever more limited outdoor spaces. We have learned to think of them on a more compact scale and as extensions of our homes. We have considered not only their appearance but how efficiently these smaller spaces can function.

In many ways this shift, brought on because our spaces are limited, has increased the possibilities and encouraged us to spend more time enjoying our new living spaces.

In much the same way, designing for sustainability leads to expanded possibilities. It is about looking for the opportunities inherent in every space and incorporating them into your plans. By looking at how each area, feature, plant or material can serve more than one purpose the possibilities are increased, not limited.


50 Ideals
for Sustainable Landscapes

#4 Create a Habitat
Outdoor spaces are part of our habitat. They can increase our stress and require ongoing inputs or they can be calming, nurturing places which provide clean air, water and fresh food. Often we share our habitats with other people and creatures, who's needs, if considered right from the design phase, can be easily accommodated along side our own.
When considering the possibilities of a space, think about how it will function as part of a habitat for everyone who will use or interact with it.


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