A Little Bit of Everything

This portfolio showcases pictures from several different projects including the landscape for a multi-unit home on Bay Street designed by Francis C. Sullivan in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The other projects include a perennial garden framing the walk up to the entrance to a traditional bungalow, a funky front yard landscape and steps down a steep slope into a large suburban backyard.

Landscape Designs By: Sundaura Alford
Construction By: Yards Unlimited Landscaping

50 Ideals
for Sustainable Landscapes

#21 Quality
When choosing an investment, or even an indulgence, look for quality. A well made product, be it a patio or a planter, a table or a path light, will outlast a cheaply made alternative.
Simply by increasing the time until a product needs to be replaced lowers its annual environmental impact over its entire lifecycle. Even at a higher initial price, a well made product will often cost less per year than a poorly made one if you consider its lifespan.


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