Living Outside

Other than the paving stone patio this lovely backyard was created over a couple of years by the homeowners themselves. The fence, large deck, grilling area, shed, water feature and gardens were all built by the homeowners based on the design I developed for them over the course of a few months back in 2009.

They wanted to convert this small yard, which had only had a basic deck and an overgrown cedar hedge in it when they purchased the home, to a beautiful place for their own use and for entertaining guests.

Convenience for everyday use is present throughout the space. The hot tub is easily accessible in any season from the back deck.  The grill area includes cabinets and drawers for storing BBQ tools and supplies as well an an outdoor dish set.  The bench along the edge of the deck provides additional seating area without blocking the view of the gardens from the deck or the house and the landscape lighting through the garden and deck allows for the yard to be used well into the evening.

Landscape Design by: Sundaura Alford
Landscaping by: Homeowners

50 Ideals
for Sustainable Landscapes

#18 Summer in the City
Cities are hot, the combination of limited vegetation and materials which retain heat raises the ambient temperature and increases cooling costs and stresses plants, animals and people.
By using light colored materials for surfaces such as driveways, patios and decks the amount of heat accumulated can be reduced, limiting the urban heat island effect and leading to more comfortable outdoor spaces.


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