A Family Friendly Front Yard

This small, wartime house, sits on a large corner lot with most of the space in the front yard. The homeowners had one child when the project started a few years back and now have two young sons. They wanted to be able to use their front yard and still have their children safe from the busy residential street at the front of the house.

They also wanted to have a low maintenance garden to create a visual separation between the street and the yard and to include some edible plants and a sitting area.

The picket fence is low enough to meet with Ottawa bylaws and is stepped down in the corner so that it doesn't interfere with the visibility for traffic turning at the corner. The gardens have had a few years to mature and the grasses and shrubs are beginning to screen the sitting are from the street.

Landscape Design By: Sundaura Alford
Fencing By: Lanark Cedar
Landscaping By: Yards Unlimited Landscaping

50 Ideals
for Sustainable Landscapes

#42 Low Sodium Landscaping
Salt is a frequent cause of damage to landscapes near roads and sidewalks. It is also damaging to the environment and infrastructure.
Rather than applying salt or other chemical ice melters at home building walks of materials less prone to ice build up such as permeable paving or applying traction products which create a safe texture on icy surfaces without breaking down into harmful chemicals as they melt the ice.


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