Backyard Retreat

This project included the renovation of an existing deck and the replacement of a very old hot tub enclosure with a new sitting area. The cedar pergola defines a sitting area which is set into the garden and the feeling of being in an outdoor room is enhanced by the partial lattice enclosure on the back wall of the pergola.

The plantings are a combination of the garden which existed prior to the work being done and new plants which were added to support the new design.











Construction by Yards Unlimited Landscaping

50 Ideals
for Sustainable Landscapes

#6 A Cool Landscape
for a Cool Home
On a sunny day, our homes can collect a lot of heat on the south and west sides. By limiting how much direct sunlight strikes walls and windows you can limit the amount of heat buildup.
Planting a shade tree on the south or west side is a great long term solution. For faster results, a properly designed pergola can block the summer sun but allow the winter sun in. An open pergola with vines can have a similar effect and can cool the air at the same time by evaporating water from its leaves.


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