The Sensory Garden

"Hi Sundaura,

I just wanted to thank you again for all the time, hard work and talent you've put into our beautiful new garden. It is really looking great!

Thanks again!


This garden was created to be a space for the residents and staff of this respite home for disabled youth to connect with nature. The garden is accessible for people with mobility challenges and includes plants which are fragrant, touchable and edible as well as beautiful.

I was pleased to be asked to donate my design services in creating the planting plan and to help with the organization and the actual installation.

The project was funded through donations and the spreading of the garden and the planting was done by volunteers just over a year before these pictures were taken.

I continue to work with the wonderful people at the Ottawa Rotary Home by providing ongoing consultations regarding the care and maintenance of the gardens.

Planting Design By: Sundaura Alford
Berm Placement, Sod and Path By: Ecovience
Planting by: Volunteers

50 Ideals
for Sustainable Landscapes

#8 Just Enough Lawn
Lawns have a reputation for being bad for the environment. This isn't entirely fair, since in our climate a well planed and planted lawn can be healthy and organic. The real problem is that they are over used, often in inappropriate places such as south facing slopes or under large trees, where they struggle and are prone to weeds and pests.
A lawn can be a great play area if kept to appropriate locations rather than being treated as a default surface in locations where it will struggle.


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