"Thank-you so much,

I love my garden,  it has given me peace and joy when I was going thru a very rough time... Thank you for this beautiful creation.  Who would have thought that I would become a gardener!

Best, Melody"

In just a couple of seasons the backyard of this pie shaped lot was transformed from a blank slate into what you see here.

The existing yard was almost entirely lawn with a simple, concrete slab patio and steps down from the kitchen door. With the kids long grown and retirement only a couple of years away the homeowners decided it was time to convert this yard from a place for soccer games and temporary pools to a retreat for themselves and their friends.

The landscape design process started with a review of their wish list, which included a hot tub which would be easily accessible from the house in any season, a sitting area large enough for entertaining several people, a large shed which could be accessed both from the driveway and the yard and a garden to frame everything.

The shed and the retaining wall for its base were the first items to be constructed, followed by the covered deck and two level pergola which went in just before the patio and the step down to the garden.

The gardens were prepared and the new sod laid and the planting was left for the following spring. The flowers and shrubs were planted by the homeowner and her friends a little over a year before these pictures were taken.

Landscape Design By: Sundaura Alford
Deck and pergolas By: Hickory Dickory Decks
Patio and landscaping By: Yards Unlimited Landscaping
Gardens Planted By: Homeowner

50 Ideals
for Sustainable Landscapes

#7 Protect Rivers by Reducing Runoff
Rain water which flows away from our yards and into rivers or lakes without filtering through soil and plant roots can raise water temperature and can carry silt and other pollutants that stress aquatic ecosystems.
By allowing water to filter into the ground either through rain gardens, permeable paving or carefully designed grading we can refresh the local water table and reduce stress on delicate ecosystems.


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