The Online Plant Nursery is now Closed for the Season

I Will be Holding a Second Sale in The Fall
The fall plants will be the seedlings that I’ve planted out in the large gardens I care for outside of Perth (not open to the public!) taking up some of the space that would otherwise be filled with vegetables. I’ll care for them over the summer and post an availability list and photos and then do a big dig when the weather cools. These will be field dug plants, tucked into temporary/re-used containers and they will need to be planted right away. This is old fashioned nursery practices, when planting was a seasonal undertaking and we worked to the weather. 
The fall plant pricing is something that I’ll work out over the summer based on time and any material inputs. 

In the meantime, I have made all of the plant listings from this spring's sale visible so that those who ordered plants can view their descriptions. Some of these same species will be included in the fall sale, depending on how well they do over the summer.

I expect to update this page with the fall availability in mid to late September.

For those who picked up seedlings this spring, their planting instructions can be found here.
Foeniculum vulgare

Foeniculum vulgare

Foeniculum vulgare

Bronze Fennel

This plant is a garden variety, from a species native to southern Europe, especially the Mediterranean, and parts of western Asia.

A fennel grown for edible foliage and stems rather than the bulb-like thick base of the green fennels, this one will grow as a biennial or short-lived perennial and will re-seed freely where happy. If reseeding is excessively vigorous, young plants can be thinned, with the resulting harvest being added to salads or any other dish where a mild anise flavour is desired. Alternatively, drying seeds can be gathered as part of your harvest and incorporated into any recipe that calls for fennel seed, with a few seeds being tucked back into the locations that you would like to see future generations of fennel.

Growing 3’ to 5’ tall, but only a foot or two wide, these will add airy height to the garden and will entice a range of pollinators with their large mustard yellow umbels of small blooms, similar to dill flowers.

They need a sunny location and are happy in average garden soil.

Seeds came to me from an exchange with Fiddlehead Nursery