The Online Plant Nursery is now closed for the season

I will be hosting another seedling sale in the spring, starting in May. I will again be offering plug sized plants for $1 each. 

I'll post the preliminary list of species for 2022 in mid winter, as they start stratifying, and an updated list once the seedlings begin to germinate.

Since these will once again be plants coming out from under grow lights or from in a greenhouse, pickups will be scheduled for after the worst of the frost risk is over, which is usually around the third week of May.

For those who have already adopted seedlings, planting instructions can be found here.
Eutrochium maculatum Eutrochium maculatum
Eutrochium maculatum
Eutrochium maculatum

Eutrochium maculatum

Eutrochium maculatum

Joe-Pye weed

Big, bold and beautiful. Joe-Pye-Weed fill up lots of space and provide nectar for many, many species of pollinators.

These love moist locations but will also grow in average garden conditions.

Heights range between 3’-6” and 6’ depending on moisture levels and the height of surrounding species. Be sure to allocate at least a 3’ wide space for each of these to grow up to fill.

These definitely love sunshine, and will need a full sun location to put on their best show of blooms, which appear in late August and continue into September in the Ottawa area.

Seeds were gathered from this roadside patch just west of Perth Ontario

-As you can see from the image on Google street view, the patch shows lovely colour variation. I gathered seeds from several different plants so if you plant a few it is likely that you’ll see a similar variation.