The Online Plant Nursery is now Open for September

After closing the store for the spring, the remaining seedlings were grown out for the fall sale (or planted into my own gardens 😊)
Some were moved into larger sized trays and kept in the urban yard, in wood frames with netting to keep squirrels from uprooting them.  Others were planted out into my rural gardens for the summer.  

With the cooler weather now arriving, it is time for them to move to their forever homes. 

Photos of the seedlings at their current size have been added to the listings of the available species.

While these will require initial care, like any newly planted perennials or plants that are dug and relocated, unlike the tiny plugs I offer in the spring sale these will settle in fairly quickly with little care beyond watering for the first few weeks and during any extended dry spells next summer. 

These are not sold in pots. Plants grown in trays will be wrapped in paper, like the seedlings were this spring. Plants that have spent the summer in the soil will be lifted and packed together into the boxes or the produce containers I’ve been hoarding through the summer. They will all need to be planted right away.

Plants are all $4.00 each, including HST. 

Minimum $20 / 5 plant order. 

I’ll be out to the rural gardens on the weekend and once most weeks, so pickups will be Sunday evenings, Mondays and, on weeks that it doesn’t rain on Wednesday, Thursday through the day and evening. Pickups are in Vanier, but can also be arranged for Perth.  

All pickups are by appointment only

Available quantities vary, from as few as 5 of a species to as many as 40. I'll track order quantities and remove any that sell out from your order before sending you an invoice.

Planting instructions can be 
found here.
Allium fistulosumAllium fistulosumAllium fistulosum
Allium fistulosum
Allium fistulosum
Allium fistulosum

Allium fistulosum

Allium fistulosum

Welsh Onion

While cultivated I many parts of Europe and Asia, the wild species that this onion is believed to have been selected from grows in northern Europe, as far north as Siberia.

A strongly upright, thick leaved perennial onion, they blend very well into ornamental gardens. The white flowers aren’t extremely showy, but they are an interesting architectural feature and attractive to some of the rather elegant wasps that will help to manage some of the insects that feed on plants.

The greens are ready for harvest very early each spring, a couple of weeks before stinging nettles or three or four weeks after the soil thaws. There is a lull in foliage quality after the blooming season in early summer, with fresh leaves appearing in late summer, allowing for a fall harvest.

They form clumps as they mature, allowing for harvest of individual leaves, or for selective harvest of a few of the full stalks to allow the white part of the stem to be incorporated into meals.

Best in full sun and average garden soil.

Seed originally came to me from Garden’s North (now sadly closed)