Turning Over a New Leaf

The time has come for me to officially announce that, after 20 years in the horticultural industry and 8 as the owner of A Cultivated Art Inc., I will no longer be offering landscape design services. 

This decision is the natural outcome of a journey through questions of land, relationship and responsibility that I’ve been on for a while and will be continuing on into the future. Simply put, I’ve come to believe that I don’t have the necessary relationship with disparate sections of land to make decisions about how to modify them in a good and responsive way. 

Instead, I’ll be working on developing spaces and activities to help those of us who lack the experience of being in close, reciprocal relationship with land to begin to redevelop the patterns and skills for nurturing and caring for those relationships.

I’ll be doing this in relationship with others in the Ottawa Local Land Care Community, a group that has been coming together for a bit over a year and is ready to move on to our next stage of growth.
I’ll be posting more about this in the coming weeks. 

For those who came here looking for design services, I will also add some referral links to garden and landscape designers who include consideration of the health of the land, plants and places that materials are sourced from in their decision-making processes, a bit closer to spring. 

I will also start posting about specific locations, activities and times related to my new work as plans become more defined over the next couple of months. 

Take Care Everyone, 



If you have somewhere to work with plants and soil, you have the opportunity to help support the health of the entire ecosystem.


Providing guidance as you engage in the process of supporting land and plants  the intention of providing them with what they need to become a healthy system.


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