Healthy : Regenerative : Engaging

Most urban ecosystems are stressed and tired, made up of landscapes expected to look a certain way, not be too messy and not to require too much care or attention. 

But what if landscapes weren’t just for looking at? 

What if they were complex, dynamic, responsive, regenerative and engaging? 

What if they nourished us and we actively cared for them in ways focussed on supporting their health, resilience and diversity? 
Would our relationships with the land and life around our homes change in a fundamental way? 

Would we be happier and healthier for that change? 

I think so. 

If you would like to work on developing this kind of relationship with the land around your home, I can help you with the process.

A note on my availability:  2020 is now fully booked. 
- I will be accepting new projects as of mid April, 2021.


If you have somewhere to work with plants and soil, you have the opportunity to help support the health of the entire ecosystem.


Providing guidance as you engage in the process of supporting land and plants  the intention of providing them with what they need to become a healthy system.


Areas of Expertise


How is this different?
Aren’t all gardens good for the environment?