Sundaura Alford, CLD, BCIN

Certified Landscape Designer
Architectural Technician

Over ten year ago, with a lifetime of experience with plants and gardens and an education in Architecture, I made the leap into a new career and became a professional Landscape Designer.

Now I have made another leap in choosing to follow my passion and specialize in creating landscapes which are not only beautiful and functional but which are also sustainable.

Creating sustainable landscapes involves a different approach to the design process, with more time and attention spent on making the most of the site's innate potential. Care is also required in the sourcing of plants and materials which have been sustainably produced and the specification of installation practices which are as efficient as possible.

Our landscapes have the potential to soften the impact of urban living on the environment. They can moderate heat buildup, reduce runoff and filter water, produce food, reduce stress, help build communities and can support the native life which can adapt to our urban spaces if given a chance.


The most valuable skill I bring to each project is the ability to listen to your needs and respond to them in a constructive manner. I treat projects as partnerships. I bring specialized knowledge and experience but the final product needs to reflect your needs and individuality if it is to be successful.

I also bring over a decade of experience in horticulture and landscaping and a passion for creating beautiful spaces which function within the realities of busy lives and urban sites.

I am familiar with current products, plant varieties and construction techniques. I have experience working with city of Ottawa bylaws and I am certified to produce building permit application drawings within Ontario. I have assisted clients in obtaining minor variances and with working within Rideau Valley Conservation guidelines for shoreline and floodplain development.

I have been the recipient of several provincial Awards of Excellence for my landscape designs and have been nominated for a national award, all for work here in Ottawa.

50 Ideals
for Sustainable Landscapes

#3 Start with the Facts
We frequently assume that if our plants aren't thriving, we need to fertilize them. Most fertilizers are formulated to include nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Nitrogen depletion can occur, if it isn't being replaced, but unless you have been harvesting a crop the other two nutrients are very slow to deplete from soil.
Before applying fertilizer, have a soil test done. The cost is only about $50 and it will tell you what nutrients are present so you don't risk of over application and fertilizer runoff.


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