Living Outdoors

In Ottawa, Ontario

Winner in the Private Residential Design, 2500 to 5000 sq. ft. Category

This small backyard was almost unused by the home owners. The existing deck was too small to allow for furniture placement and the built in bench effectively divided off almost half of the yard. The patio was also small and didn't allow for a functional furniture layout for more than four people.

The goal of the clients was to create a space which would allow them and their university age children to relax and to entertain guests outdoors.

Spaces for cooking, serving, dining and relaxing were incorporated, allowing for casual use as well an open flow between spaces for larger gatherings.

Architectural details from the house, such as the clean lines and strong contrasts between dark and light materials were incorporated in the design to increase the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The custom metal insert in the front door of the home provided the inspiration for the custom lattice top for the new fence.

The fire feature is aligned with the backdoor which is most often used and the water feature is visible from the kitchen window.

By creating points of interest visible from within the house and a more open path of travel from the doors out to the yard, the connection between the spaces is enhanced and the likelihood of regular use of the yard is increased.


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