Ecologically Urban

Winner in the Private Residential Design, 2500 to 5000 sq. ft. Category

This small space came with a long wish list.

The homeowner wanted to create a sustainable, edible and decorative landscape and retain as many of the existing materials and plants as possible. The walk and steps up to the front door were maintained, as were the large yews which made up the bulk of the existing plantings.

A natural stone retaining wall was constructed to terrace the slope from the lawn down to the sidewalk and reduce rainwater runoff. The existing lawn was completely removed to make way for the planned gardens.

The plants were selected for their decorative properties, their capacity to thrive in the site conditions and to either produce a crop or to support wildlife. They are a blend of perennial edibles with decorative properties mixed with ornamental flowers and shrubs.

The new trees include a black locust which will host nitrogen fixing bacteria and enrich the soil and an edible plum as well as a miniature Serviceberry tree to attract early season pollinators and provide a crop for for the home owner if she can get to the fruit before the birds do each summer.


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