Sprouting Some New Leaves

Pivoting, the word of the pandemic (okay, one of the words)! 
As I announced over the winter, I had already decided to move away from providing landscape design services, but my plan to start offering in-person learning, centered on developing strong, reciprocal relationships with land and plants, has been put on hold for now (the description of that is here, pending revision based on when it is really safe to gather again, likely sometime in the fall). 

So, I’m going to pivot! 

Well, plant, I’m going to plant. 

I gathered a lot of native plant seeds last fall and many of them went into the fridge for stratification over the winter and are now madly germinating in my dining room while I work on getting them out of communal containers and into plug trays. 

Some of these plants will be going to local growers working on starting up more long-term native plant nurseries. 

Some of them will be shared out to local gardeners and landscape designers working on becoming more familiar with Ontario native plant species. Some of them will go to a few projects in my community. 

But, as anyone who has gathered seed from a range of plants knows, seed is often extremely abundant. And I planted them all. So, I’m going to pivot my work, likely just for the 2021 season, to growing plants for sale